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Safal Herbs Limited
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The Company was incorporated on 27/09/1994 as a Private Limited Company under the name and style of Parikh Herbals Private Limited and subsequently converted into Public Limited Company on 12/01/1995.

Name of the company is changed from " PARIKH HARBELS LIMITED" to " SAFAL HERBS LIMITED" with the efect from 27th july, 2012.

Products & Services
1. To carry on the business of manufacturing , trading, importing, exporting, spinning, doubling, twisting, processing and dealing in all kinds of yarn like natural/manmade yarns, synthetic yarns , cotton yarns, natural fiber yarns, viscose rayon yarns, other rayon blended yarns, viscose staple yarns.
2. All other kind of fibers, polyester filament yarns, nylon type yarns and cord, polypropylene staple fiber and to act a exporter, importer , retailer, merchants .also dealing with all kind of yarns , silk viscose, cellulose, art silk, cotton wool, hemp, linen, and all other kind of fibrous materials

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